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Banbury Labour tables council motion to challenge children centre closures

The Labour Group on the council has tabled a motion to challenge the threatened closure of children’s centres and the Early Intervention Service.

Cllr Sean Woodcock

Cllr Sean Woodcock

Sean Woodcock, Leader of the Labour Group, says the proposed cuts, caused by the government’s reduction of local government funding, are an assault on the most vulnerable in society.

By tabling this motion to full council on Monday 19 October, Sean Woodcock is attempting to mandate Cherwell District Council to demand that Oxfordshire County Council engage in proper consultation with the centres and the public to develop alternative ways to achieve the savings without taking away what is for many a lifeline.

Jill Huish, a member of the Save Oxfordshire’s Children’s Centres campaign, says the universal services they provide are vital to the county’s young families.

She says, “Without them many parents will be left isolated and vulnerable without the easy access to help currently delivered so well by children’s centre staff. They are highly trained and experienced individuals who cannot be replaced by volunteers, and a referral-only service would quickly lead to it’s users being stigmatized and the families that are not deemed needy enough falling through the gaps.”

Jill urges us to join the campaign and use our voices to speak up for our young people.

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