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Banbury Labour’s response to Cllr Ian Hudspeth’s request to tell him what we think

Tony Wragg

Tony Wragg

It is striking that Cllr Hudspeth’s celebration in this paper of the cuts to the County Council budgets and services –”I fully support central Government…” – comes in the same edition as Cllrs Hussain and Bell celebrate taking their District and Town Council seats in Grimsbury for Labour from the Tories with a massive swing. At the end of his piece he asks “… tell us what you think…”

I think he, and Tories at all levels of government, should recognise that the people of Grimsbury have told them what they think. We do not want the poor and vulnerable to pay for this Government’s economic strategy.

We in the Labour Party do not believe that these cuts are inevitable. We invite the citizens of North Oxfordshire to reject them in the “all-out” town and district elections in May 2016 just as they were so decisively rejected in Grimsbury.

Tony Wragg

Chair, Banbury Town Branch

Published in Banbury Guardian 22 October 2015

Ian Hudspeth is the Conservative leader of Oxfordshire County Council

Oxfordshire County Council has already announced cuts of £292m from 2010-2018. Hudspeth says, “a further £50m of savings by 2019-2020 is “the worst case scenario”, but “it’s likely to happen”.

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