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Banbury Museum hold exhibition of Maurice Draper paintings in April 2013

Maurice Draper

Maurice Draper

Margaret Ferriman, former Secretary of Banbury Labour Party, says “Maurice was a long term member of the Labour Party and some of his pictures show Banbury as it was when Maurice came to Banbury in 1945 (he and his wife lived in Calthorpe Road) and during the time he was Head of Science at the then Grammar School, Banbury Academy. He was an enormously talented man of whom we should be proud.”

Other memories of Maurice ………

I was taught Chemistry at Banbury Grammar School by Maurice Draper and Bryan Ferriman (then the husband of Margaret).

I remember Bryan displaying a labour poster on his sports car in the 1966 General Election. It used to be parked outside our form room in the playground. The only political connection I remember between politics and chemistry was Maurice telling us about the Salt Tax and Gandhi. When I joined the party in September 1969 I discovered Maurice was the Treasurer of the Banbury Borough Labour Party and I remember his presence at meetings. Maurice used to tell the story of how C P Snow (who had been at the same Grammar School as him in Leicester) has left a mark on the lab ceiling some years before him. Of course Snow found fame as a Cambridge scientists and a novelist, was ennobled by Wilson and was a Minister in the sixties.

Catherine Wheel

Catherine Wheel

His pupils really fondly remembered ‘Drip’. Very kind, very patient and the embodiment of what a teacher should be.

David Beere

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