Banbury Constituency Labour Party

Banbury Town Council Labour Group Manifesto 2016

Banbury Town Council Labour Group Manifesto – May elections 2016

Creating a welcoming, thriving Banbury

General policies

  • Develop specific policies on transport, economics and the environment, and will review all existing Town Council policies.
  • Develop a full picture of the financial position and review income generating ideas, taking into account anti poverty measures.
  • Institute a regular review of the Reserves (Balances) position.
  • Give consideration as to whether the existing Committee structures are fit for purpose or should be altered. These changes are intended to clarify the work done by each Committee, and to facilitate public attendance at the Committee meetings.
  • Improve Committee reports by ensuring that they provide impact assessments, which consider issues of equality, finance, community safety and the environment.
  • Undertake an annual Policy Review of the Town Council’s policies.


  • Review the numbers and resourcing of events and traditions, whilst respecting genuine traditions.
  • Consider instituting a Lottery to support events, and look to making other savings upon Events expenditure.

Supporting services delivered by larger Councils

  • Provide financial support for services rather than taking them over completely.
  • An exception to this is that we are committed to a course of action in taking over responsibility for overseeing the Charter Market from Cherwell District Council.

Banbury Master Plan

  • The Town Council will play a full and active role in this, and support the main tenets of expanding and economically sustaining the town centre, providing effective parking and ensuring traffic flows whilst supporting the public transport infrastructure. We will support an ethical land usage policy.

Town facilities

  • We will work towards increasing the safety and security of all of our parks and open spaces, and strive towards increasing WC provision in the Town Centre.
  • We will work towards increasing Allotment provision, and maintaining existing allotments with integrity, avoiding multiple plot holdings. We will use the Council’s substantial earmarked reserves set aside for allotments to do this.

Other organisations

  • The Town Council will demonstrate its clear support for local initiatives such as Banbury Young Homelessness Project (“BYHP”) and the Community Action Group (“CAG”), ensuring that, with Town Council support, these organisations properly address perceived needs.
  • We will work closely with Cherwell District Council and with Oxfordshire County Council in all fields to ensure we are delivering effectively for the people of Banbury, so that the larger Councils hear their voice.
  • We will ensure better regulations of the Town Council Grants award system, placing emphasis upon support for the most needed causes.

Banbury’s streets

  • We will help deliver improvements in Banbury’s air quality, street cleaning and street signage. We will tackle Banbury’s growing litter problem.


  • We shall carry out an annual Town Survey to ensure the Town Council has a proper assessment of all stakeholder concerns throughout the town, ensuring that we address the needs of every community represented within the town.
  • We will fully consult local residents upon all Town Council initiatives that may affect them.

The Labour Group in control.

  • The Labour Group has agreed to work towards these objectives and will take every opportunity to deliver them.

Steve Kilsby, Labour Group Leader, Banbury Town Council. March 2016

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