Banbury Constituency Labour Party


Congratulations to Hannah Banfield, Perran Moon and Sean Woodcock for retaining our Banbury Town seats

Banbury Hardwick: Conservative hold

Nathan Bignell, Conservative: 817

Heather Firkin, UKIP: 194

Karl Kwiatkowski, Green: 215

Blue Watson, Labour: 417

Banbury Ruscote: Labour hold

Chris Phillips, Conservative: 487

Ian Thomas, Liberal Democrat: 189

Sean Woodcock, Labour and Co-op: 790

Bicester East: Conservative hold

Celia Kavuma, Labour: 348

Richard Mould, Conservative: 740

Robert Nixon, Green: 620

Bruce Shakespeare, Liberal Democrat: 136

Banbury Calthorpe and Easington: Conservative hold

Colin Clarke, Conservative: 1,218

Brent Jackson, Liberal Democrat: 480

Phil Richards, Labour and Co-op: 590

Banbury Grimsbury and Hightown: Labour hold

David Beverly, Conservative: 586

Carrick Cameron, Green: 403

Perran Moon, Labour and Co-op: 957

Banbury Cross & Neithrop: Labour hold

Hannah Banfield, Labour: 1,031

Alastair Milne, Conservative: 789

John Whitwell, Lib Dem: 306

Adderbury, Bloxham and Bodicote: Conservative hold

Andy Aris, Green: 416

Mike Bishop, Conservative: 1,189

Jonathan Gregory, Liberal Democrat: 296

Suzette Watson, Labour and Co-op: 377

Bicester North and Caversfield: Conservative hold

Francis Boon, Green: 298

Margaret Lyon, Labour: 274

Dan Murphy, Liberal Democrat: 291

Jason Slaymaker, Conservatives: 794

Bicester South & Ambrosden: Independent gain from Conservatives

Nick Cotter, Independent: 1,259

Marcus English, Labour: 296

Zoe McLernon, Conservative: 675

Bicester West: Independent gain from Conservatives

John Melrose, Labour 352

Debbie Pickford, Conservatives 597

Fraser Webster, Independent 1,285

Cropredy, Sibfords and Wroxton: Conservative hold

Anne Cullen, Labour: 398

Douglas Webb, Conservative: 1,503

Julian Woodward, Liberal Democrat: 653

Launton and Otmoor: Conservative hold

Tim Hallchurch, Conservatives: 1,171

Michael Nixon, Labour: 863

Deddington: Conservative hold

Aaron Bliss, Green: 523

Hugo Brown, Conservative: 1,376

Nigel Davis, Liberal Democrat: 477

Annette Murphy: 382

Kidlington East: Greens gain from Conservatives

Ian Middleton, Green: 1,089

Anthony Morris, UKIP: 214

Neil Prestidge, Conservatives: 1,016

John Stansby, Labour: 377

Kidlington West: Lib Dems gain from Conservatives

Conrad Copeland, Liberal Democrats: 1,436

Alan Mackenzie-Wintle, Conservatives: 786

Chuk Okeke, Labour: 402

Nigel Simpson, Conservatives: 816

Katherine Tyson, Liberal Democrats: 1,493

Hilary Valk, UKIP: 252


Conservative: 9 (-4)

Green: 1 (+1)

Independents: 2 (+2)

Labour: 3 (-)

Liberal Democrats: 2 (+1)

Banbury Town Council – Hardwick West

Naveed Anwar, Labour 582

Nathan Bignell, Conservative 935

Banbury & Bicester Constituency Labour Party choose their Parliamentary Candidate

At a packed hustings in Banbury Town Hall today (Sat 6 April 2019) Suzette Watson was selected as our Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the next General Election.

Suzette said, “I’m humbled and so thrilled to have been selected as Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Banbury, Bicester and our villages. We are going to fight with all our passion and strength to get the Tories out of office.

We will be working together across the constituency to connect with and reach out to every voter.

When people know about our brilliant Labour Party policies they’ll love them; policies, which will transform our communities, and give our people back the services they deserve and need to thrive.

Thank you so much to everyone who took part in the selection process- it truly was a whirlwind!”

Banbury Labour Party – Special showing of the award winning film GENERATION RIGHT – Thatcher’s Legacy

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Followed by Q & A session with Professor Emily Gray who commissioned the film & lead the research on which is it based.

Friday 14 September. Doors: 7pm Film: 7.30pm

The Cornhill Centre, Castle Street, Banbury

Entrance £5 includes nibbles. Payment on the door.

Cash bar, tea & coffee

Non-members very welcome

Places limited. Please let Mary know you are coming –

Bicester West (Cherwell) result – 21 June 2018

Labour’s Stuart Moss increased vote by 8% but we still have some way to go to break the Independent/Conservative dominance in this ward.

IND: 40.5% (+40.5) BROAD John 877 votes

CON: 33.0% (+16.0) LYDIAT David 716 votes

LAB: 20.2% (+8.3) MOSS Stuart 439 votes

GRN: 3.3% (-1.7) NIXON Robert 72 votes

LDEM: 3.0% (+3.0) CHIVERS Mark 64 votes

Independent GAIN from Conservative.

No UKIP (-11.7) and other Ind(s) (-54.2) as prev.

Turnout 33%

Helen Pankhurst is Guest Speaker at Banbury & Bicester Labour Party Supper Club

Women’s Rights activist Helen Pankhurst was our guest speaker at a recent Banbury & Bicester CLP supper club (9 June 2018).

She happens to be the great-granddaughter of Emmeline Pankhurst and the granddaughter of Sylvia Pankhurst, leaders of the British Suffragette movement, and continues the fight for Women’s equality.

Her new book, “Deeds not Words – The Story of Women’s Rights, Then and Now” is published by Sceptre, and to quote Helen she discusses “How far women have come since the Suffragettes, how far we still have to go, and how we might get there”.

She told her audience, “I can’t be too late home tonight I am going on the Women’s Procession in London tomorrow”. (An event held in various locations across the UK to mark 100 years since votes for women).




Simple solution gives residents living around the Windrush Play Area in Banbury some peace and quiet

L to r: Maria Harding, Cllr Surinder Dhesi, Sheila Snooks and Paul Clare.

With the help Surinder Dhesi, our local Labour Councillor, and Banbury Town Council, residents living around the Windrush Play Area in Neithrop believe their problems with anti-social behaviour might be a thing of the past.

Two park benches situated only fifteen feet from residents’ front doors became a social gathering spot for young people. Danesmoor resident Paul Clare said, “During the heat of the summer months I had to close all my windows because of the noise, and this has been going on for as long as I’ve lived here, that’s over thirty years.

My neighbour took some photos and passed them to our local Councillor Surinder Dhesi who raised the issue with Banbury Town Council and they agreed to move the benches to the far end of the park away from any houses.

Resident Sheila Snooks said, “This was done last year but again the siting of the benches directly facing the footpath meant that many of us walking our dogs suffered abuse as we passed in front of the people hanging around the newly sited benches.”

Surinder Dhesi, Labour Councillor for Neithrop, said, “I approached the Town Council again and a couple of weeks ago they moved the benches so that they faced inwards to the park with the footpath behind. This simple manoeuvre meant that people using the footpath could now do so unhindered.

Fingers crossed, we seemed to have sorted the problem. Nobody is against young people having fun but they have to be considerate of their neighbours.

If anyone has any problems of this nature they should always ring the non-emergency police number – 101. Calls are logged and if a pattern develops the local police will take action. In addition we have a three-monthly liaison meeting with the police at a local Community Forum which any resident is welcome to attend.”