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Campaigns against Oxfordshire County Council cuts intensify

Last week fourteen voluntary organisations in Oxfordshire united in opposition to cuts proposed by the council and on Saturday (13 Nov 2015) 500 people marched through Oxford protesting at closures of children’s centres (see video).

Photo by Desmond Brambley

Banbury & Bicester Labour Party warns that new round of cuts will have devastating consequences on front line services

Cllr Sean Woodcock

Cllr Sean Woodcock

Sean Woodcock, leader of the Labour Group on Cherwell District Council, believes we have reached the point where government cuts affecting front line services across Oxfordshire can no longer be defended by anyone.

The publication this week of correspondence between the Prime Minister David Cameron and Ian Hudspeth, Conservative Leader of Oxfordshire County Council, has increased pressure on the government because Hudspeth, a close ally of Cameron, disputes Cameron’s figures about further ‘savings’ saying the council has done everything the government has asked and that front-line services will be seriously affected.

Autumn spending review likely to see a further 32% cuts

Oxfordshire County Council is consulting the public on the package of cuts of £50M to meet George Osborne’s programme to reduce public spending but Oxfordshire County Council’s package was put together before the latest bombshell from Department of Communities and Local Government who have agreed, in advance of the Tory Autumn Statement due on 25th November, to a 32% decrease in spending over the next four years.

Adult social care affected

In addition to the threatened closure of children’s centres, Oxfordshire County Council’s consultation document identifies £21M of expenditure reductions affecting all aspects of adult social care, which includes services for vulnerable adults, carers’ support and Adult Day Centres.

Sean Woodcock says, “This will put unsustainable pressure on families and carers, the NHS and Care Homes. This at a time when the NHS is over stretched and under resourced, 50% of Care Homes nationally are unprofitable and threatened with closure, and family carers already shoulder the burden of care.

We in the Banbury and Bicester Labour Party will campaign to oppose all the cuts currently under consultation and any more proposed in the Autumn Statement.”

Organisations opposing the cuts:

  • Action for Carers Oxfordshire
  • AgeUK Oxfordshire
  • Alzheimer’s Society
  • Citizens Advice Oxfordshire
  • Elmore Community Services
  • Guideposts Trust
  • Headway Oxfordshire
  • Healthwatch Oxfordshire
  • Oxford Homeless Pathways
  • Oxfordshire Association for the Blind
  • Oxfordshire Association of Care Providers
  • Oxfordshire Family Support Network
  • Oxfordshire Mind
  • South & Vale Carers Centre
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