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Council bow to pressure and implement ‘Living Wage’ policy

The Labour Group on Cherwell District Council were celebrating on Monday night when the Council announced that no member of staff would now be paid less than a ‘Living Wage’.

Cllr Sean Woodcock

Cllr Sean Woodcock

Labour Group Leader Councillor Sean Woodcock said, “We have been campaigning since before Christmas in support of eleven members of staff, mostly cleaners, to be paid at least £7.45 per hour, and thereby come into line with Oxford City Council’s wages policy.”

Sean Woodcock continued, “The increased cost of living is the biggest issue affecting families today and this is one way that the Council can help them as well as putting money back into the local economy.”

“This is a positive first step but Labour Councillors think we should go further in the future and guarantee a ‘Living Wage’ for all employees of private companies providing services on behalf of the council.”

Press release issued 26 February 2013


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