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“Cuts to bus subsidies a disgrace,” says Banbury councillor in support of petition

Residents from Easington and Bodicote have joined forces to challenge cuts to services B1 and B2, which they say will dramatically affect their lives. So far they have collected 300 signatures.

Cllr Sean Woodcock

Cllr Sean Woodcock

Cllr Sean Woodcock, leader of the Labour group on Cherwell District Council, said: “It’s a disgrace frankly. The Tories are frequently coming out with the line from Westminster that they are protecting pensioners.

But the reality is that their cuts to local authorities – and through them bus subsidies – are actually isolating them.

These are people who have worked hard all their lives, paid into the pot with their taxes and are rewarded for this by finding that government abandons them.”

Roger Reynolds, of St Anne’s Road, said: “I have serious health issues. I know I will die long before my wife and I am the only one who drives. We moved here because we would be a short bus ride from the doctor, the hospital and Sainsbury’s. Knowing my wife will have that bus service is very important.

Ending the bus service would set off a chain of events from taxi fares increasing, GPs having to make more home visits, hospital visits missed and less spending in the town centre.

“There will be a downward spiral effect on this estate. People will be effectively housebound,” he said.

Mark Cherry, Banbury Ruscote

Mark Cherry, Banbury Ruscote

Labour County Councillor Mark Cherry says, “With £4 million in bus subsidy cuts it means that only ‘financially viable’ bus routes could be safe in Oxfordshire.

“I’m concerned that the B2, which my constituents rely on, could be threatened after July 2016 – what use is a bus pass if there is no bus to use it on.”

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