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Guardian writer Tim Bale, says of Ed Milliband’s chances at the next election – “Let’s not write him, or his chances, off just yet.”

Photo by Murdo Macleod

Photo by Murdo Macleod

Tim Bale’s analysis of how well Ed Milliband is doing as an opposition leader suggests that despite low approval ratings he is doing a lot of things right.

He looks at his performance in four key areas – 1) Showing your party has changed, 2) Holding your party together and maintaining it as a fighting force, 3) Setting the agenda, or at least putting the government off its stroke and 4) Looking like you’re in touch with the concerns of ordinary people.

Bale’s analysis looks dispassionately at Milliband’s chances to become the next Prime Minister in areas which might influence the wider electorate, and highlights his ability of “… making Cameron squirm and the government to think again.”   In this regard he cites press regulation, bankers’ bonuses, gas and electricity prices, minimum wage, payday lending and military action in Syria.

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