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Ian Duncan Smith’s crusade to reduce welfare spending is costing taxpayers a fortune

Ian Duncan SmithBehind the rhetoric, Ian Duncan Smith’s Department of Work and Pensions is costing the taxpayer millions of pounds in failed IT projects and welfare reforms.

A report by Éoin Clarke for titled “The Cost of IDS: 100 ways Iain Duncan Smith’s Department have made life worst for the sick, poor & disabled” itemises the costs, with evidence sources, of Duncan Smith’s ideological crusade that is doing so much harm in Britain today.

 Three examples from the report:

– Welfare spending has actually increased by £24 billion this parliament
– DWP Audited Accounts show that at least £90 million of IT spend on Universal Credit will have to be written off
– 75,000 Disabled People have been made to work unpaid on the Tory Work Programme

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