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Joe Walsh, Labour candidiate for Banbury Calthorpe, says, “Your vote matters because it can change things.” - Banbury Constituency Labour Party

Banbury Constituency Labour Party

Joe Walsh, Labour candidiate for Banbury Calthorpe, says, “Your vote matters because it can change things.”

Joe Walsh campiagning for the Horton

Joe Walsh campiagning for the Horton

Who says young people aren’t interested in politics? Joe Walsh, a young man living in Banbury and working at Oxford university, is standing as your Labour County Councillor in Calthorpe, following in the footsteps of Mark Cherry who is now contesting the seat in Banbury where he was born.

Joe says: “Some people think that we’re all the same, but we’re not. Like my Labour predecessor, Mark Cherry, I’ll always be around, listening and ensuring that local things that affect our community get done whilst also being your voice at County Hall on the bigger issues. I’ll get out into the community to listen to you at the supermarket, in your coffee mornings and at your community meetings.”

Joe is committed to ensuring that the local community has equal opportunity to access the best possible services that the county can offer. “This election matters and your vote matters as it’s your chance to say what kind of county you want – the conservative’s crumbling services, homelessness and no local health or social care or labour’s fully funded health and social care in the community and support for the most vulnerable in our communities.”

This Election matters because who runs the county council matters

The County Council matters because it provides 80% of the local services: To list a few; Education, Highways, Transport, Fire and Rescue, Consumer Protection, Social and Children’s Services and Adult Social Care.

But the current Conservative council is unable to meet the needs and demands of the citizens of Oxfordshire because the Conservative government has removed hundreds of millions of pounds of council grant. In 2016, the county took £69 million in cuts on top of the £292 million that had already been cut by this Conservative Government – Something that even David Cameron’s own mother objected to!

Joe says, “Labour County Councillors are already holding the current Tory Council to account: we have saved many of our local Children’s Centres – for now, we have secured the Southern link road and will drive the project whilst calling for more buses to reduce congestion and pollution. Labour voted to reduce councillors allowances to increase funding for pothole repair in the county – the local conservatives voted this down. I’ve worked with children’s centres’ campaigners to support a new charity in Britannica Road Children’s Centre. We’ve worked to secure road traffic calming measures on bankside to ensure it doesn’t become a speed trap.”

Are the Tories running scared in Calthorpe? A UKIP-Conservative alliance?

At the last county council elections Labour gained the seat from the Conservatives and they want it back. Mark Cherry knocked on every door in Calthorpe and has been an outstanding local councillor. Joe Walsh very much intends to follow Mark’s example but many people have been asking why UKIP has decided not to field a candidate in this particular ward.

Joe says, “It seems odd that UKIP are not putting up a candidate but only they can explain why and if they have reached an ‘accommodation’ with the Conservatives. Liberal Democrats and Greens – consider voting Labour to keep the Tories out!”

My commitment to the people of Calthorpe

I’m committed to retaining full services at the Horton, and I’ll defend local services for all people, elderly, children and vulnerable in Calthorpe. I will be the real voice for Calthorpe at County Hall, promoting genuinely affordable housing for local people, sorting out traffic chaos and air pollution through better buses, championing the Southern link road and parking controls and fighting any changes driven by savings rather than safety.”

Only Labour can preserve local services

Oxfordshire County Council elections take place on Thursday 4th May

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