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Mark Cherry’s campaign for a southern link road supports Banbury’s future growth – without traffic gridlock

Mark Cherry Surinder Dhesi Horton Hosp_12cropped extract smallMark Cherry is standing as your Labour Councillor in the Ruscote ward and has just seen the result of a two-year campaign come to fruition – the council will now have to make a southern link road for Banbury a top priority in their development plans.

Mark says, “I am extremely pleased that my motion has finally got through. This link road is needed urgently if the town is to avoid total gridlock on its roads. The North of the county continues to grow with the construction of at least 8000 new homes and HS2, and new businesses moving into the area. We have at the moment a window of opportunity before available land gets developed – Banbury can’t wait much longer.

Mark been a County Councillor for 4 years, was born in the Horton, has lived in Bretch Hill all his life and attended the local school there.

Since becoming a councillor he has literally left his car at home and walked the streets in order to meet and listen to residents, and doing his very best to sort out any issues that have been brought up.


If elected Mark says he will lobby to improve some side roads in Ruscote like Caernarvon Way that are now in a intolerable state of repair, and like the rest of his Labour colleagues, fight any ongoing or future downgrading of the Horton General Hospital.

Mark says, “The elections on May 4th are crucial because the County Council provides 80% of the local services that help us feel secure, safe and part of a civilised society: Education, Highways, Transport, Fire and Rescue, Consumer Protection, Social and Children’s Services and Adult Social Care. Only Labour will fight to preserve these services.”


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