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Meet Sean Woodcock – Banbury & Bicester CLP’s Parliamentary Candidate for the 2017 election

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I’m proud to have been selected to stand again as your Member of Parliament. I am asking for your support for the General Election on 8thJune.

I was born in Banbury. I went to The Warriner School and Banbury Sixth Form. I am proud of this area; its history and its heritage. I have dedicated my life to tackling issues that matter to people: the Horton Hospital, jobs, housing, security, education and tackling poverty.

As your MP I will stand up for local people, fight for decent homes, for more teachers and smaller class sizes, for a properly equipped Horton Hospital and social care for our elderly.

I will fight for local jobs and opportunities. As we leave the European Union, we need a Member of Parliament who puts our local economy and people’s livelihoods first. That means opposing the Tories ‘Hard Brexit’.

Things are changing fast in our area. Housing developments are going up, but the jobs, services and infrastructure promised have not been delivered. As your MP, I will hold councils and developers to account.

On health:

Tory mismanagement, cuts to council budgets for social care & public health along with a failure to address the national shortage of GPs has put immense pressure on local services; especially the Horton Hospital.

As your MP, I will make the delivery of joined-up local health my priority and campaign to ensure that our local hospital continues to provide services to our area’s growing population.

On education:

The Conservatives changes to school funding means that the local schools like The Warriner are set to lose up to £346 per pupil by 2019. That is the equivalent of 10 teachers salaries.

Yet the Tory priority is spending £320m on a system of secondary modern and grammar schools that does not work.

As your MP, I would oppose segregation in education and demand more money for every child.

On Brexit:

I campaigned for Remain, but the country has voted to leave the European Union. But Brexit should not come at the cost of jobs and prosperity or the rights and protections of workers and consumers.

As your MP, I would oppose a Tory ‘Hard Brexit’ that puts jobs and local firms that trade with Europe at risk.

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  1. Brian Axe says:

    Dear Sean,
    I have just heard the manifesto on TV , and I am delighted with, it contains most of the things i have longed for, particularly funding for the NHS and re-nationalisation.
    I know that in Bicester, since we have lost the local bus services that many older folk are finding it difficult to get into Town, I note that there is still local bus services to the districts of Kingsmere and
    Elmesbrook I suspect that these have been funded by the developers of these estates.
    I feel it would be a good thing to remind the electorate of what they have lost through cuts and to propose that the existing services to the above mentioned estates be shared throughout the town, to compensate for the lost services, on the basis that these developments cause diruption the the whole town.
    Brian Axe
    64 Mallards Way Bicester
    01869 240298

  2. Chris says:

    I am voting Labour this time. I am 75 years old so my concern is for my children and grandchildren – they have to rescue this country as we did after WWII and it was Labour who did it then and made a good job of it too. I want my granddaughter to have a fully functioning maternity hospital handy and I want to leave her my house to heal her, I don’t want to pay twice for my care – once through NI and then again by giving the exchequer all but £100 of its value. I bought my first house on one working class wage and brought up 4 children.
    I would also like to know WHO you are? What did you do between school and standing as an MP?

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