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Modernising Labour – Letting Our Voices Be Heard

Photo by Murdo Macleod

Photo by Murdo Macleod

The recommendations of the Collins Report on the future organisation and funding of the Labour Party will be discussed at a special conference in London on 1st March.

Announcing the key changes proposed (see below), Ed Miliband said: “My reforms are about giving people from all walks of life a bigger say in the Labour Party so we can better tackle the issues that matter to them, like the cost of living crisis.

“Above all, I’m determined to change my party so we can change the country.

“This is about extending the principle of one member, one vote – the right principle for the 21st Century,” he added.  “It’s about saying we want to hear the voices of ordinary people, construction workers, shop workers, people from all walks of life.”

He said there would be “financial consequences” for the party if the reforms went ahead. “But when it’s the right thing to do you should do it, and that’s my principle.”

“This is about my determination to make big change in our party and if you look at what Neil Kinnock, John Smith, Tony Blair did, all of them wanted to extend this principle of one member, one vote.”

The Key Changes Proposed:

  • A new method of electing Labour’s leader – the electoral college, which gives unions, party members and MPs/MEPs a third of the votes each, to be abolished in favour of one member, one vote
  • MPs have sole nomination rights for leadership candidates and those candidates will need a higher level of support than at present – possibly 20% of MPs
  • All union members will have to ‘double opt-in’ if they want to take part in a leadership contest. They have to say that they are content to give money to Labour AND that they want to become ‘an affiliated supporter’
  • Only full party members – not trade-union ‘affiliated supporters’ – will choose parliamentary and council candidates
  • Changes to London mayoral selection – Labour’s candidate to be selected in the same way as the party leader
  • New leadership rules will be put in place this year – but changes to the party’s funding will be phased in over five years
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