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Rt. Hon. Dame Margaret Beckett MP outlines policies for the General Election - Banbury Constituency Labour Party

Banbury Constituency Labour Party

Rt. Hon. Dame Margaret Beckett MP outlines policies for the General Election

Speaking at a Banbury Labour Party fundraiser last Thursday, 10 July, MP for Derby South, Margaret Beckett said, “The final shaping of policies for the General Election will take place at this month’s (July 2014) Policy Forum.

Margaret Beckett MP with Terry Davis, Sec. Banbury CLP

Margaret Beckett MP with Terry Davis, Sec. Banbury CLP

They are likely to include:
– Strategies for creating jobs, especially for young people
– Building more homes, especially for affordable rent
– Saving the NHS – creating an integrated service that covers, health, mental health and social care
– Improving the minimum wage and moving towards a living wage.”

Ed Balls makes George Osborne jittery
Ed Balls has already promised that he will submit Labour’s spending plans for scrutiny to the Office of Budget Responsibility. George Osborne says he can’t do that. Ed Balls says, “Why not, the OBR is independent of government.” Margaret says the Tories are fearful that their trademark attacks on Labour’s economic credibility will be weakened.

Warning about Tory dirty tactics
Margaret Beckett says, Ed is a fantastic leader and politician who has so far made all the right calls, about for example, energy prices, the Murdoch media and the cost of living crisis. She warned that the Tories and the Tory media will be going all out to destroy Ed Milliband’s credibility in the run up to the election. It has already started – with personal attacks and lies but says Ed remains calm and focused on the issues facing our country.

Labour will not promise EU referendum
Margaret, said that if Labour came into power after the next General Election we will not hold an EU referendum. She said, “An incoming Labour government will need to tackle a vast number of serious problems and a referendum would be a huge distraction.” She continued, “Labour wants reform of the EU and pledge to hold a referendum if there are major changes to the Treaty.”

Government incompetence
Margaret said, “This Tory-led government is the most incompetent in living memory and it’s not just Labour MP’s saying this either, it’s the civil servants who have to work with them. They are driven by ideology” she continued, “and ignore any evidence put before then if it doesn’t match their ideology.”
Margaret concluded, “Let’s not forget that on the same day the Tories gave the massive income tax break to the very rich, they introduced the bedroom tax, which was impossible to implement because of the lack of enough suitable accommodation, and they knew it would be hitting the most vulnerable in society. This Tory government is behaving like licensed vandals who will destroy everything we value about our society. They must be stopped.”

Margaret Beckett has been MP for Derby South since 1983. She was Deputy Leader under John Smith and briefly served as Leader following John’s sudden death. She later served in the cabinet under Tony Blair and most notably became Britain’s first-ever female Foreign Secretary in 2006.
She was appointed Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire in the 2013 New Year Honours for her public and political service.

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