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Success in Bicester West Ward


Success in Bicester West

While canvassing in West Ward in April this year, Labour Party members Les Penfold and Sylvia Howells picked up an issue raised by the residents of Tay Gardens, just off Shakespeare Drive near Kings Meadow Primary School. Parking on Shakespeare Drive close to the junction with Tay Gardens is causing problems for both residents and drivers due to restricted visibility and people had experienced ‘near misses’ turning onto Shakespeare Drive itself as a result. Further concerns were expressed about safety for children as the Primary School is just around the corner and residents felt some drivers were speeding.

Our members wrote to the County Council to express their concern about these issues and suggested that at the least, OCC carry out a survey of traffic and parking to establish the scale of the problem. The County Council responded positively, staff from their Traffic and Road Safety Engineering team carrying out a site assessment and Thames valley Police monitoring speed at this point on Shakespeare Drive.

While they concluded that speeding traffic was not a serious problem, the County Council acknowledged that a significant amount of parking was noted at the time of the visit and it was agreed that in principle, waiting restrictions to prevent parking in the immediate vicinity of the junction would be helpful, subject to funding being available and the outcome of the consultation we are required to carry out on all traffic regulation orders.

In their response, OCC also recognised that a number of junctions along Shakespeare Drive had been reported as having issues related to obstructive parking and agreed to include the Tay Gardens junction in a wider review of junctions within the area.

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