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Surinder Dhesi, Banbury Labour candidate in May 4th local elections stands up for Horton - Banbury Constituency Labour Party

Banbury Constituency Labour Party

Surinder Dhesi, Banbury Labour candidate in May 4th local elections stands up for Horton

Surinder_Feb_2017_01_HortonAs the only Labour Councillor on the Health and Overview Scrutiny Committee Surinder voted against the transfer of maternity services from the Horton to Oxford.

Surinder is standing in the Banbury Hardwick ward in the upcoming county council elections. She has lived and worked in Banbury, and has represented the people of Banbury as County, District and Town Councillor for over 25 years, and is a loved and respected member of the community, working as she does in a well-known, major town centre store and involving herself in many local charitable organisations.

Who runs the County matters because the current Conservative Council and the Conservative Central Government put savings before security, safety and the services that form a civilised society.

Surinder says, “Some people think we’re ‘all the same’, but we’re not. As your Labour and Cooperative County Councillor I’m always around, listening to Hardwick people and ensuring the ‘little things’ that improve our community get done.

But as well as getting potholes fixed and trees cut back I’m always fighting at County Hall for the big things too: to retain full services at the Horton; to restore bus services, a lifeline to the elderly and a crucial way to get to work and school; to see our elderly treated with dignity and our children given equal opportunity to flourish.

It has been a privilege to serve you all and I look forward to continuing to do so.”

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