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The EU – Stronger Together

What appeals to most Labour members is a sense of togetherness. An awareness that we are all in this together. A belief that society is about each for all and all for each. A conviction that we all should have equal opportunities. A contention that there should be no them and us in a fair society.
Labour rejects the notion that there is “no such thing as society”; dismisses the concept of every man for himself or the idea that “we are each an island unto ourselves”.
This is why Labour has always been strong in supporting internationalism and this is why Labour is in favour of keeping the UK together and rejecting nationalism in all its forms, Scottish Nationalism, Welsh Nationalism and indeed UK nationalism.
Labour has been totally consistent in this belief and continues to believe that the best way for all societies is to build alliances. Economic alliances. Defence alliances. Trading alliances. Social alliances. Democratic alliances. People alliances.
The building of alliances leads to more wealth; greater democracy; stronger economies; and more equal and fairer societies.
This is the fundamental reason why Labour supports the UK’s membership of the EU.
Co-operating and working with our European neighbours will lead to a stronger more secure European bloc able to operate on a level with the “super powers” of the USA and China as well as meeting the challenges of developing large economies such as India.
Whatever might be said by the Brexit campaigners this cannot possibly be the situation if we have to operate in isolation and it is arrogant to believe we could. Britain is not the colonial power it was and never will be again.
We are however influential as part of the EU and could be even more so if we apply ourselves to that objective. People complain that the EU is fundamentally a Franco/German dominated structure; the UK can change that perception by being more active in the EU particularly by building alliances in the areas that we feel are important to us.
Addressing issues relating to the environment is a classic example. If all the EU countries agree actions to improve the environment we can see a big change on this side of the Atlantic and influence even bigger change across the globe.
Neither China nor the USA need to listen to what the UK has to say in isolation but will sit up and take notice if the whole of the EU speak as one.
Collective action is always stronger and more effective than individual action and being an influential part of the EU will bring much more positive results.
Walking away from the EU will leave us exposed to predators and isolated in the extent of global influence we could have in this ever increasingly inter-connected world economy.
Vote to REMAIN IN THE EU for a safer, more prosperous and fairer society.
 PS: Please ensure you are registered to vote. This vote is about your future.
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  1. colin davis says:

    the labour party’s campaign for remain and that also that of the trade unions appears to be that of WE will never be in government again. (unfortunately when you fail to listen to the concerns of your core supporters, that scenario is becoming more likely) There is a great deal of anti E.U. feeling out in the real world but the party just fails to listen and just comes out with fear based claptrap about workers rights, which were won by strong trade unions and socialist governments. Not the E.U. which is to the is core pro big business and anti socialist and totally undemocratic.

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