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Time for change in Bicester

“If you always do what you have always done you will always get what you always got”.

That phrase is attributed to any number of people from Henry Ford to Mark Twain but whoever said it and whenever it was said it’s a basic truism and it is particularly true in Bicester today.

The people of Bicester want a better Bicester. They want local councillors who listen to them and respond accordingly. They want a Bicester which is people focussed and not developer led. They want councillors who have a positive vision for the town. They want to be part of a thriving community not an anonymous housing development.

That’s not what we have now and if this is to change Bicester needs to elect people who speak up for them.

Councillors who will call for a more dynamic town centre with a greater diversity of shops consisting of national chains and local independent stores. Councillors who will push for greater support for community groups and local sporting facilities. Councillors who will look beyond the next housing development and consider what facilities a fast growing town needs in the lead up to growth to keep the Bicester community together. Councillors who want the younger generation to have a real chance to live and bring up their families in Bicester instead of being forced out of the town by high house prices and high rents.

The Tories want us to swallow their hype that Bicester is booming but most people in Bicester know better and can see the evidence in their own lives. The average family in Bicester, enveloped by the current government’s low wage low skill economy, still need good local social supportive structures but Cherwell District and the Town Council are content for their policies and strategies to be “market led”. That means in effect doing nothing until a commercial proposition is made by someone who wants to make a profit out of the needs of Bicester residents.

Labour does not believe in doing nothing. It believes a council should be proactive not reactive and should create circumstances where ordinary people can grow and flourish both economically and personally.

There will be Labour Party candidates in all of the Cherwell District wards in Bicester and in the Town Council by elections.

Now is the time to end the current cosy complacent relationships on both Councils and to send a message to current councillors that they haven’t met the needs and aspirations of the people of Bicester.


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  1. Sheila Haydon says:

    Good solid factual statement.

  2. Mason Dancey says:

    Hope this is on the local election leaflet as its right on the money. Lets really build a community full of inspiring places and things to do for all who live local, bring ideas and commerce here that will add true value to our community not just many more homes without those other things that are key to forming great places to live.

    well done keep it up

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