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Women from Banbury’s Asian Community call for boycott of Israeli goods - Banbury Constituency Labour Party

Banbury Constituency Labour Party

Women from Banbury’s Asian Community call for boycott of Israeli goods

demo_palestian_pic_2_15th_July_14At a demonstration in Banbury Town Centre on Tuesday 15th July 2014 against Israeli bombings of Gaza, many of the protesters from Banbury’s Asian community are calling on a boycott of Israeli goods.

Only a month ago, women from the town’s Muslim community met seven Palestinian women in an event organised by Banbury Labour Party’s Women’s Group.

Call for sanctions against Israel

Nasreen Ahmed who was among those demonstrating said: I have visited Palestine and seen the appalling conditions Palestinians are living in. We all need to do whatever we can to support the Palestinian cause for freedom and justice. I boycott Israeli goods and want to call on our government to impose sanctions on Israel. Enough is enough”

Naseem said, “It is devastating watching the bombing of Gaza and we’re trying to do all we can to show solidarity with the Palestinians. We are campaigning for boycott and sanctions against Israel, we have purchased Palestinian products to be sold in Banbury and we are fundraising for desperately needed medical kits to be sent to Gaza. There is so much we can all do including putting pressure on our government to end its support for Israel and speak out against the horror and war crimes in Gaza.

Emergency meeting requested with MP Sir Tony Baldry

Another protestor Sam said, ” We’re all shocked and appalled by Israel’s latest attack on Gaza. It is inconceivable that innocent men, women and children could be subjected to such a brutal bombardment. I am joining every demonstration I can get to and many of us are waiting for a response from our MP Tony Baldry from who we have requested an emergency meeting. He has been to Gaza and witnessed the horrific conditions Palestinians live in. We want to know what he is going to do”.

Help raise money to send medical equipment to Palestine

Can you run a stall? Will you bake cakes? Can you bring unwanted gifts for sale or raffle?

Sunday 27 July, 3-6pm at 60 Orchard Way, Banbury OX16 0EN

Henna, face painting, beauty, foodstalls, new bric-a-brac, bouncy castle and loads of other activities.

All proceeds to fund medical equipment to Palestine through Interpal

Contact Assia for further details – 07760308093 or 01295 701728

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